10 tips that will help you master NBA 2K23!

NBA 2K, while a great sports game, is also a challenging game to master. This guide is your starting point if you want to improve your performance in MyCareer Mode or MyTeam Mode in this year's NBA 2K23 game. You'll find the best tips from NBA 2K23 to help you enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience in NBA 2K23.

Know how to shoot

The developers made you work on your barrels in this year's game version. Please get to know the court, learn what it's like to shoot from various places in the arena, and be aware that you're never going to shoot twice.

Turn off the shot meter

If you want to experience a more consistent gaming experience from previous years, you can turn off the shooter in the settings to take back a little more control. If you do this, you'll focus more on the player rather than the distracting UI and need to release the shoot button or Pro Stick at the height of the jump to line up the barrels.

Learn Hot Zones

To balance the focus on more complex and trickier shot meters, the developers of 2K decided to make several enhancements to Hot Zones. What does this mean to you? Well, from the hot zone, your players will get a better boost. Practice with your favorite players to find their hot spots and make their shots more consistent. 

Badges Are Life

Learning and understanding a player's badge is critical to their success on the field. Understanding what each NBA 2k23 badge is, how it fits into their playstyle, and then choosing the suitable badge when upgrading MyPlayer is critical to making them stand out. Play consistently in MyCareer and The Neighborhood, and you'll start getting points on your shots and games.

Shoot Clean

In NBA 2K23, more than any other NBA title, if you try to shoot with a tight defense, you'll see possession taken away and your shot intercepted. Hitting L1/LB lets friendly players give you a screen to set yourself up better. Sniff out the open space and get as far away from defenders as possible, and your shots will be more successful.

Defend Bravely

Take the tip we gave you above and flip it: If you know the opposing players have outstanding attacking players, do what you can to stay on them and deprive them of the space they need to shoot. Hold O/B to stand your ground and make it harder for enemy players to lay up or dunk.

Smart Build

Most importantly, you should have your player in the build you like to play the most. If you've always wanted layups, move toward the offense. If you prefer to control the pitch, choose a player who will perform well in the game. Keep in mind that if you don't buy VC separately, it will take about 170,000 VC to increase your rating from about 60 to 85 - which can be a hassle. Research can build and invest your hard-earned currency wisely.

Have A Good Start

NBA 2K23's MyCareer story is a high school star where you play a few games to grab the attention of a major college program after a strange mood kicks in. From here, you can choose to play more and more professional games and eventually make it to the major leagues. Do well in the college game -- if you're at least the second overall pick, you'll be paid handsomely. Harper Dell should be your agent of choice if you want to get out of the starting gate as quickly as possible.

Earn VC

Almost everything related to a meaningful progression in a game is associated with VC (Virtual Currency). Every stat upgrade you need is purchased with in-game currency, and it isn't easy to get unless you know where to look. NBA games in MyCareer are a great place to earn elusive cash, and completing sponsored challenges can also help. It's also worthwhile to log into the game once a day to see the daily spins - it's easy to get venture capital if you get all the questions right.

Learn How The New Mechanism Works

The developers make you work hard for your shots in this game - almost all shots are manual this time. Please get to know the court, learn what it's like to shoot from different positions in the arena, and be aware that you're never going to shoot twice. Your custom character will play and shoot differently than any other player in the game, so learn where you're best suited to shoot from, then build the rest of your team around how you position yourself and play. This game does little for you, so learn to shoot yourself properly.

Get A Badge

Focus on Shooting Badges - These badges improve your shooting ability without affecting stats too much and can stack up quickly to give you a decisive operational advantage over your opponents. Every MyCareer game will move you towards badges in some way. So really start making meaningful progress by making jump shots, gaining possession, and unlocking training drills, and let those badges modify your Statistical data.


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